2-Year and 4-Year Colleges

Two or Four-Year College? Which One is Right for You?

Two or Four-Year College?  Which One is Right for You?

Although many students have their mind and hearts set on attending a four-year institution, not everyone is certain as to their path to higher education.  With this in mind, consider the following information about two and four-year colleges to help you determine which may be right for you.

2-Year Colleges

•    Why attend?

While 4-year colleges often receive all of the media hype and attention, there are many benefits to attending a 2-year program.  First, 2-year colleges are much more affordable than four-year programs.  Moreover, they offer students the chance to start their careers faster through various certification programs that are attractive to many employers.  Lastly, they also enable students to strike a better school-life balance.  Meaning, students can address their family and work obligations while attending classes on a part-time basis.  

•    Who attends a 2-year program?

Students with less than perfect records, those looking for a technical or trade vocation, or those who want to ease their way into a four-year program are perfect for a 2-year college.

•    What courses can you take?

2-year programs offer pre-requisite courses that enable you to transfer credits to a four-year college.  They also offer a wide array of classes that cater to local industries.

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Reasons Why a Community College May be Right for You

Reasons Why a Community College May be Right for You

The traditional four-year college experience may not be right for everyone.  Specifically, right away some students may not be sure what course of study interests them.  Or, they may want a more affordable education.  If you’re considering attending a community college or are interested in learning more about its benefits, check out the following:

    1)    Transfer agreements – many community colleges have admission agreements with public colleges that allow qualified students to transfer their credits and gain admission to these schools after completing a two-year program.  This allows students to initially save money at a community college and then gain entry to public universities to complete a bachelor’s degree.

    2)    You save money – paying for college these days is a huge decision, and annual tuition rates have continued to soar into the tens of thousands of dollars each year.  With this in mind, many community colleges charge around $1000 or less for in-state tuition. You also may not have to pay for housing when attending a community college, enabling you to live at home and save money.   

    3)    They offer a flexible approach to education – attending a community college is a great way for students to ease their way into college rather than just jumping into a four-year program that they may not be prepared for.  Community colleges allow you to learn at your own pace, offering much more flexibility than a traditional four-year college.

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