15 Ways Choose It Right Helps You to Choose the Right College

15 Ways Choose It Right Helps You to Choose the Right College

Given that there are thousands of colleges and universities in the United States to choose from, you are likely asking yourself the following:  Where do I start the search process?  What resources are out there to help me narrow down my options?  What colleges are right for me based upon the major and course of study I am interested in?  And many more.

Here are 15 ways that Choose It Right can help you find the right college:

    1)    Saves you 100’s of hours of research – with the click of a button, you instantly receive your Smart College Report, which includes everything you need to know to make smart decisions about choosing the right college.  No longer are the days where you need to spend countless hours parsing through different college websites and brochures.  Now you have the Smart College Report, which does it all for you in minutes!

    2)    Helps you to gain valuable insight on how much you should actually pay for college and determine how much college is really worth to you.

    3)    Assists you in better understanding the current and future ramifications of taking out financial aid/student loan debt.

    4)    Gives you a return on your investment by providing you with an immediate and realistic view of your financial future upon graduation.

    5)    Helps you to narrow down your college choices and determine what’s really important, as choosing the right college is more than just liking its campus or wanting a good party school.

    6)    Matches you with colleges based upon your specific academic and/or sports-related preferences.

    7)    Enables you to search over 4000 private scholarship providers, and apply for private scholarships, grants, prizes, fellowships and forgivable loans.

    8)    Guides you step-by-step through the college search and selection process, and for student-athletes the recruiting process.

    9)    Gives students and student-athletes access to financial and academic how-to videos, and student-athletes access to athletic videos – all of which provide you step-by-step guidance through the college search and selection process.

    10)   Provides students and student-athletes with letter templates to contact admissions officers at each school of interest.  Also, provides student-athletes with letter templates to reach out to coaches and helps you choose a college with an athletic program that best matches your individual preferences.

    11)   Provides student-athletes with detailed contact information for college coaches.

    12)   Enables student-athletes to easily and quickly create their own academic and athletic profile, to give to college coaches.

    13)   Offers student-athletes the ability to track their communications with college coaches.

    14)   Is the only program of its kind that gives you a “family based” approach to searching for colleges by enabling all key family members to be involved in the decision-making process as well as keeping them well-informed about their choices.

    15)   Provides you with “all-in-one” and “done-for-you” services where you will instantly receive everything from a targeted list of college choices that match your preferences to helpful information about financial aid, choosing an academic major, and more.


©2022 Choose It Right, LLC


©2022 Choose It Right, LLC