Spending endless hours researching colleges?

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We can help!

What Is Choose It Right?

Choose It Right is a web-based, college search and selection system that helps high school students, student-athletes and their families find the right college that best fits their unique academic, athletic and financial criteria.

How Can Choose It Right Help Me?

There are well over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. – so, which one is the best fit for you? How do you find the “perfect” one? Where do you start?

The truth is: many high school students, student-athletes and their parents have no idea where to begin to find the college that is truly the right fit. Choose It Right provides a suite of easy-to-use tools and services that not only can help you get started on the right track, but also guide you every step along the way through the college search and selection process.

With just the click of a button, you can instantly access your personalized Smart College Report which intelligently gathers and presents in one place, college tuition comparisons and analysis, scholarship information, first year’s expected salary information for your major of choice, financial aid info, loan payment data, guidance on smart loan borrowing, and other useful tools - serving as your trusted road map, ultimately helping you find and choose the right college.

Who Uses the Smart College Report?

High school students, student-athletes and their families use the Smart College Report as their own personalized college selection guide, which includes all the information they need to help choose the right college.

For Students and Student-Athletes

Here are some of the many features and benefits of the Smart College Report:

  • Simplifies the college search process for students, student-athletes and their families;
  • Provides you with numerous resources and information instantaneously with just the click of a button, saving you and your family over 100 hours of time researching colleges;
  • Matches you with colleges based upon your specific academic and/or sports related preferences;
  • Shows you a side-by-side comparison of each college based on tuition, ACT/SAT scores, enrollment size, average academic scholarships and more;
  • Provides students and student-athletes an Administrative Directory with detailed contact information for college admissions officers, as well as a letter template with smart subject line for contacting them;
  • Explains the Post College 1:1 Ratio, which helps you determine how much is a responsible amount to borrow, based on your expected first year’s salary after graduating college;
  • Helps you to determine how much you should actually pay for college;
  • Helps you to understand the current and future ramifications of taking out financial aid/student loan debt;
  • Provides you with “done-for-you” services where you will receive everything from a targeted list of college choices that match your preferences to helpful information about financial aid, choosing an academic major, and more; and
  • Gives you a “family based” approach to college by enabling your family to be involved in the decision-making process.

For Student-Athletes

If you’re a student-athlete, Choose It Right provides additional tools to help you achieve the goal of playing your sport at the college level, including:

  • An Athletic Directory with detailed contact information for college coaches, as well as a series of letter templates with smart subject lines for contacting them;
  • Customizable academic and athletic profile generation with downloadable PDF and Online Profile (your own website) to showcase photos, videos, stats and schedules – which helps you make a great impression with college coaches;
  • Step-by-Step How-to Videos - providing you with an Athletic Roadmap for each year of high school; Interview Prep videos that help you prepare for conversations with college coaches; videos on How to Create an Athletic Performance video, and more; and,
  • A Progress Tracking tool that helps you keep track of communications with college coaches.

How Can I Fund My College Education?

In addition to paying for college out-of-pocket, through student loans or via academic and athletic scholarships, Choose It Right recommends considering private scholarships to help fund your higher education.

Choose It Right provides the ability for you to easily search and apply for private scholarships, with over 4,000 scholarship providers and $11+ billion in scholarship awards available.

Where Do I Start?

No matter if you’re just starting the college search and selection process, or you’ve been working on it already, the Smart College Report and related services are your personal road map to making the right decision about your future.

Click the Buy Now button below, choose the package that best fits you, then simply fill out the easy-to-follow questionnaire with your preferences, and access your Smart College Report and related tools instantly!




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